💚Use Discount Code: CC30 for 30% off all purchases until April 1st!
💚Use Discount Code: CC30 for 30% off all purchases until April 1st!

Crete Creeper Herstory

     Crete Creeper was originally formed at a backyard pool, Pettits or Pettits Pit in 2017 when the founder moved to Reno, NV.  She was itching to skate and wanted to find some like minded ladies to session with, as this spot was no joke.  As the years progressed so did the ladies sessions as they frequently met at Pettits, The Orchard and linked up with the ladies of Skatehouse in South Lake Tahoe.  They also met up at local parks and attended the Beeble Bowl's legendary womens sessions, led by Drea and collaborated with the Lowcard Ladies on a ripping session at the Orchard in Reno. 

     In 2021 the founder moved to Buffalo, NY and started having ladies sessions there, as the women in South Lake kept the movement going in the West.  On the East Coast they were able to have regular sessions at Phatman Boardshop's indoor concrete skate spot and joined forces with Jamestown Skate Products & Kid Ace to put on their very first;  Womens, Trans, Non-binary Bowl Bash (Skateboard & Rollerskate).  With the help of many sponsors and over 50 participants from all over the country, they were able to give the winners cash, lots of swag and have a rad old time.  This was also when they began designing and printing their very own Skate Wearables, or apparel.  The founder decided it was time to make more than just event flyers and start learning the ways of screen printing.  She used her artistic skills to designed the clothing she wanted to wear and see on skate apparel.  Everything in the shop is designed and printed by the founder and she's determined to keep it that way...

The summer of 2023 brought Crete Creeper back west and to the state of Washington.  While the ladies hype up sessions on the East Coast we look forward to attending and hosting more events on the West Coast.  The print shop is up and rolling as well and we will keep creating skate wearables for those who rip for years to come. 

Go Skate Day, Alix Rice Peace Park - Buffalo, NY 2023

Bowl Bash Crewneck 2023

Winners of Skateboard Open // Skateboard Amateur 

Winners of Rollerskate Open // Rollerskate Amateur 

1st Womens, Trans, Non-binary BOWL BASH @ Jamestown Skate Products - Jamestown, NY February 2023

The Orchard - Reno, NV 2022

Phatmans Boardshop - Buffalo, NY 2021

Skatehouse - South Lake Tahoe 2021

Power Inn Session - Sacramento, CA 2021

Beebles Bowl - Auburn, CA 2021

Jamestown Skate Products - Jamestown, NY 2021

The Orchard x Lowcard Ladies -Reno, NV 2020

Petits Pit - Reno, NV 2020

The Orchard - Reno, NV 2020

Petits Pit - Reno, NV 2018

Pettits Pit- Reno, NV 2017 (the early days)